Today is #WorldFriendshipDay and it’s got us thinking, when was the last time we spent some real quality time with those who meant most to us? For some of us it may have been a couple of hours ago, for some a couple of days ago and for others it may be a couple of years ago; but no matter how long ago it was, today is definitely the day to show how much you really care! 

Here we’ve got a few simples things you can do to show how much your friends mean to you:


1. Send them a little throwback photo of a good memory between the two of you!


2. If you haven’t spoken in a long time, give them a quick call and really listen!


3. Plan a Netflix binge!


4. Offer to come round & be a personal chef for that friend for the evening!


5. Create a little care package for them, bursting full of goodies, sweets or pamper accessories – it doesn’t have to cost more than £10!


6. Invite them round to share a cup of Chai and a chat!