#VeganuaryThe month when Veganism became the mainstream and everyone tried their best to live the vegan lifestyle.

But just because January has now passed, the popularity of veganism certainly hasn’t slowed down. In fact the Free-From market is now the fourth fastest growing category by absolute value (The Grocer Top Products Survey 2018). Furthermore, there has been a 300% increase in consumers following a plant-based diet over the past year alone (Foodie Labs, 2018)! With more and more big brands developing vegan alternatives to their staple products, the misconception that vegan foods have to be boring is increasingly becoming a forgotten memory.

We too are trying to create products with the free-from market at the forefront of product development; with all of our latest products being 100% vegan we definitely feel that this is the way forward for our company!

All designed to be vegan, our Superblends include Turmeric, Beetroot & Raw CacaoAs well as being vegan, these blends are also Caffeine Free, Gluten Free & all have minimal ingredients.






Made with just 5 ingredients our newly formulated Turmeric Superblend is designed for great solubility, whilst still maintaining its 50% Turmeric content.




Made with just 5 ingredients our Beetroot Superblend creates a beautifully pink & rich latte.

Raw Cacao in this blend makes you feel like you’re drinking red velvet!




Made with just 3 ingredients our Raw Cacao Superblend creates the ultimate healthy hot chocolate.

Rich in antioxidants this blend naturally boosts your serotonin!