You’ve probably already written a list of each belonging you’re taking to university; and you’ve probably read every book (or at least every blog) that exists on how to make friends in fresher’s week or perhaps more importantly how you’re supposed to survive away from home for the first time.

Well, let us pause one moment here. Sit down with a cup of tea (though in this situation chai is preferable) and take a deep breath.

Yes, it is scary, but just remember everyone going to university for the first time this year, is in exactly the same position as you are in right now. And just because you don’t know anybody you’re not necessarily in a bad position – in fact if you want to, this is a chance to reinvent yourself. But you’d be surprised that the real you is actually what people want to see and you’d be shocked by how many people like the real you (even if you don’t!).

Take it from someone who goes bright red as soon as they say ‘hi’ to someone new, the best advice when you meet a fellow ‘fresher’ is to just ask their name, what they’re studying and where they’re from. Once you’ve got past these 3 questions you’ll find the conversation a whole lot easier, trust me.

But what, I hear you ask, are actually the top tips to surviving & thriving at uni? Well, let me give you a few:


#1 Bring some photos of your friends & family to stick on the walls (it’ll make you feel a lot more homely)



#2 master 2-3 dishes at home before you go to uni, that are easy to make & last for 2-3 days (chilli con carne or spag bol are classics!)



#3 Although you might want to hide yourself in your room, the easiest way to make friends (particularly with your flat mates) is just to hang out with them (you don’t even have to say much!)




#4 But if you need a minute to yourself, don’t be afraid to do that either! Sometimes we all need two minutes alone!




#5 Don’t bring 4 sets of plates, knifes & forks, unless you don’t intend on washing up! Just bring 1 of each it makes packing a whole lot simpler!



#6 it may seem a cliché, but it might be easier to take your clothes home to wash, whenever you visit! University washing facilities charge a fortune & you run the risk of one or two of your socks being nicked from the machine!



#7 Encourage your flatmates to do a weekly online supermarket shop with you The more of you who do it, the less delivery cost will be (as well as saving you making your own way to the shops!)



#8 Don’t buy new university textbooks (And maybe don’t buy them at alL)! They cost a fortune and you’ll realistically only use or two pages (so check for e-books)!



#9 Don’t go without your trusty Drink Me Chai Spiced Chai Latte PowderIt’s a great energy hit to get you through those tough mornings & nights!



#10 Don’t forget to have some fun! Yes, you are there to get an ace degree and learn lots of new things – but not all lessons are learnt from a textbook!