Sweet Chilli Chicken Chai Buns – Makes 6


400ml coconut milk
300g self-raising flour
1 heaped tbsp Drink Me Chai Spiced Chai Latte powder
1 tsp baking powder
A good pinch of salt
2 tbsp sweet chilli sauce
150g cooked, shredded chicken
1 tsp black sesame seeds
Cooking spray / spray oil



  1. Empty the can of coconut milk into a bowl, then fill the empty can with self-raising flour. Add the Drink Me Chai Spiced Latte Powder, baking powder and salt and mix well to for a sticky batter, adding a little water if necessary.
  2. In a bamboo steamer, lay 6 cupcake cases around the steamer and spray with oil.
  3. Spray an ice cream scoop with oil then scoop a tablespoon of dough into the cases. Create a hole in the middle and spoon in a teaspoon of sweet chilli chicken. Scoop another tablespoon of dough over the top and gently press around the edges to seal.
  4. Spray the top of the buns with oil and scatter with a few sesame seeds.
  5. Pop the bamboo steamer over a pan of simmering water and cook for 10-15 minutes until risen and fluffy.
  6. Serve with extra sweet chilli sauce.