Sticky Honey & Chai Buns


For Dough:

1 x 7g fast-action dried yeast
450g strong white flour
2tbsp set honey
225ml milk
1 medium egg

For Filling & Topping:

140g set honey
2tbsp Drink me Chai Spiced Chai Latte powder
140g unsalted butter
100g brown muscovado sugar
50ml single cream
100g walnut pieces



  1. To make the dough, put the flour & yeast into a large bowl and mix thoroughly. Once mixed create a well in the centre of the bowl.
  2. In a separate bowl mix the egg, honey & pour into the dry ingredients. Mix thoroughly by hand, until you have a soft dough.
  3. Turn out the dough onto a lightly dusted worktop & knead for 8-10 minutes, until silky & stretchy.
  4. Return dough to the bowl & leave for 1.5 hours to rise.
  5. Roll out dough to a rectangle (30 x 25 cm) on a lightly floured worktop.
  6. To make the filling, add the honey, Chai powder, butter & sugar to a bowl & beat well with a wooden spoon and stir the cream in.
  7. Spread over a third of the filling mix onto your rolled out dough & scatter half of the walnuts evenly. Once the filling ingredients have been added, roll up the dough from one side, making sure to pinch the seam. Then cut the strip into 12 pieces.
  8. Spoon the rest of the filling mix into a baking tray (30 x 25cm) & spread evenly. Sit the cut dough rolls on top of the mix, so they are barely touching.
  9. Cover the tin with clingfilm & leave to rise for 45 minutes. Towards the end of this final prove, heat your oven to 180°C Fan.
  10. Uncover & bake for 25 minutes, until golden brown & the filling is bubbling. Set aside to cool for 10 minutes.
  11. Scatter the remaining half of the walnuts on top & leave to cool completely. Best eaten on the same or next day! Yum!