The likelihood is you know exactly what chocolate is and will hasten admit that you’re eating a bar right now. You probably also know what cocoa is and on a cold, winter’s day with whipped cream and marshmallows you have your perfect Christmas drink. But do you know what cacao is? Put simply, we think you should.

Raw cacao is the rawest form of chocolate and it is at the point at which ‘Theobroma cacao L.’ is least processed, but is indeed still edible. Cacao, however, is not just edible but has a long list of health benefits attached to it too.

Since the 17th century, chocolate has been utilised as a potential medicine, treating anything from chest pain to headaches (Andujar et al., 2012), but with the excessive milk and sugar which take up a large percentage of the lowly chocolate bar, it’s not likely to do much good for you at all. However, when we look more so at the raw form of cacao we can see that the medicinal properties that chocolate was thought to have may not be straying too far from the truth.

Health Benefits


Cacao is thought to be one of the highest plant-based sources of both iron & magnesium (BeGoodOrganics, 2013), both of which are essential for maintaining a healthy heart and brain.

Furthermore, cacao also contains serotonin, tryptophan and phenylethylamine all of which are neurotransmitters that are said to boost your mood (BeGoodOrganics, 2013).

Cacao also is said to improve metabolism and gut microbial activity, as well as reduce the stress hormone cortisol (Martin et al., 2009).

And to seemingly add to the top of the list are the antioxidant properties that the cacao’s components also possess. With 40x the antioxidants of blueberries (BeGoodOrganics, 2013), the antioxidant nature of cacao works to improve health on the whole, as well as potentially prevent against a multitude of different diseases (De Araujo et al., 2013).

Thus, presenting what can only be described as the ultimate ‘superfood’.

Our Raw Cacao


Building from this ‘superfood’ we have crafted our Raw Cacao Superblend. Made from raw cacao powder (80%), coconut blossom sugar & sea salt, this blend is designed to enable you to supercharge your drinks, but also acts as the perfect raw ingredient allowing you to make anything from granolas to bliss balls and everything in between.