From the 9th of July to the 22nd, we were lucky enough to open our very FIRST pop-up cafe at Old Street Tube Station, situated in the centre of London! During our time there we sampled our new Superblends, we experimented with our traditional chai flavours and perhaps most excitingly we got to talk to all of you! 

Old Street Tube Station finds itself nestled in amongst the streets of Shoreditch, one of the most vibrant districts that London has to offer. Streams upon streams of people from all walks of life, dressed in all shades of colour, wandered past and into our pop-up store and it was this vitality that made us, here at Drink Me Chai, feel at home.

The bright surroundings of our store and the brightness of our new Superblends could only be described as a match made in heaven.

Despite only being at the cafe for two weeks we managed to gain some ‘regulars’, each of whom enjoyed one of our Superblend lattes each day, instead of their usual coffee. But it wasn’t just the delicious drinks we were hoping to showcase at the store; the blends themselves act as the perfect versatile ingredient in cooking and we had great fun crafting them into blissballs, beetroot millionaire shortbread & raw cacao cookies (to name a few), all of which were on offer for customers to eat.

During our time at the cafe, we met some of our chai fanatics whom have followed our journey for years, as well as converting some of our new customers into die-hard fans! The opportunity to gain real and genuine customer feedback about our products, old and new, has been one of the key takeaways from our time here and just for those the experience was amazing!

Our Superblends

But what are Superblends, I hear you ask?

With the rising demand for healthy products and lifestyles, our Superblends allow you, the customer, to create healthy café-style drinks and eats from the comfort of your own home. Our Superblends are available in four exciting flavours and are designed to enable you to not only make super healthy lattes, but also contain super raw ingredients that can be used to make anything from granolas to smoothies & other baked goods. Our flavours include:

Raw Cacao

Ingredients: Raw Cacao, Coconut Blossom Sugar, Sea Salt

Contains: high levels of antioxidants & naturally boosts your serotonin levels to fend off stress


Ingredients: Beetroot, Raw Cacao, Coconut Blossom Sugar & Ginger

Contains: rich in antioxidants, vitamin c & nitrites to lower blood pressure


Ingredients: Turmeric (50%), Coconut Powder, Cinnamon & Ground Black Pepper

Contains: anti-inflammatory, antibacterial & antioxidant

Naked Chai

Ingredients: Black Tea & Our Spice Blend

Contains: no sugar or dairy, but with all the health benefits of tea & natural spices

The buzz that surrounded the pop-up shop was palpable and we are hoping to capture that again in the future; from opening more pop-ups in the future to injecting that cafe-style atmosphere into the future events we attend, this won’t be the last time you see us! 

If we didn’t see you this time, we really hope to see you next time!

Superblend recipes coming here soon!