With our ever-increasingly busy lives we often forget to take a moment for ourselves and with last week being ‘World Wellbeing Week’, we thought it was about time we reminded ourselves and our loyal DMC crew that it’s ok to take time to do some #selfcare.

The nature of self-care is indeed a very subjective process, but we believe there are a few simple ways in which we can all improve our wellbeing, which in turn will help improve the wellbeing of those around us.


1. Don’t be afraid to put that phone on ‘Do Not Disturb’!

Using our mobile phones and scrolling through social media has become a daily ritual for many of us; but although our devices have immense power & knowledge, it is important to remember to put your phone down & stop all that scrolling; for both our personal wellbeing & our friends. Ten minutes before you go to bed, where you’d normally watch another video on YouTube or scroll down your Instagram newsfeed, make the conscious effort to put your phone on ‘Do Not Disturb’ and read a page of a book. You’ll find it will make an enormous difference to your wellness & wellbeing in one simple step!


2. Treat yourself to a new pampering session each & every day!

Got a tough week of work ahead? Getting ready for a holiday? Or just living your average week? Well why not take 20-30 minutes out of your day to treat yourself and truly care for yourself each day of that week?! Your pamper sessions don’t have to cost the earth, but can make a real difference to your mood! Here’s a quick example of what you could do;

One day put on a face mask, cut some cucumbers out for your eyes and have a quick power nap; day two give yourself your very own hand massage & manicure treatment; the next day have a long warm bath with candles; the possibilities are endless!


3. Every hour make an effort to get up from your desk, look away from your computer for a couple of minutes & drink a whole glass of water!

This one doesn’t need much explanation; keeping hydrated and taking your eyes of the screen even for a few moments a day, can have a huge impact on your wellbeing, as well as physical health!


4. Write down a list of all of the things you’ve managed to achieve today.

Grab a notebook and write down all of the tasks you’ve completed today, no matter how small or insignificant the task seems. Even if this list doesn’t seem too long today, by the end of the week you’ll wonder how you managed to fit it all in! We often forget how even the smallest accomplishment can transform our mood, so by writing down a small checklist of what we’ve achieved today you’ll help boost yourself!


5. If nothing else, before you leave for work in the morning take 5 minutes to yourself.

Boil that kettle, reach for that little pink tub out of your cupboard, grab a teaspoon & add 3 teaspoons of powder to your favourite mug. Pour that boiling water into that mug and stir until combined. Whilst you’re waiting for your drink to be cool enough to consume, take a moment to remind yourself how great you actually are!