This International Women’s Day we’re honouring our founder Amanda Hamilton. 

She has grown Drink me Chai since 2004, constantly coming up with new products & ideas and has often been the first to do so in her industry!

The journey of Drink Me Chai began with Amanda Hamilton quitting her job at the BBC and setting up on her own selling speciality teas from a Tuk Tuk at different train stations across London.  On a trip to India, Amanda tasted chai and it was Love at First Sip. This trip inspired her to bring that same taste back to the UK and that’s where the story began.

Using the Tuk Tuk as a market testing tool, she created a chai built from customer feedback and then sent a sample to the UK’s largest retailer; with no branding or packaging, but a huge amount of passion, Amanda secured a retailer listing which marked a turning point in the business.

With spices sourced from India and produced in the UK, Drink Me Chai is now found in most major UK retailers, cafes & wholesalers and is exported to over 30 countries.

If that doesn’t say #girlpower what does?