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Pratham UK

Pratham. A charity that works tirelessly to ensure that one day in India, every child is in school & learning well. Currently, there are around 100 million children in India who cannot read or write at an appropriate level for their age....

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Our Beetroot Superblend

Beetroot. The root vegetable which has surpassed its turnip brother and even its sweet potato sister, to become one of the most infamous and most popular of roots. Its fame and popularity, however, isn’t simply down to its bright red façade or its sweet...

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Our Raw Cacao Superblend

The likelihood is you know exactly what chocolate is and will hasten admit that you’re eating a bar right now. You probably also know what cocoa is and on a cold, winter’s day with whipped cream and marshmallows you have your perfect Christmas...

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Our Turmeric Superblend

Yellow is seen as the colour of life and happiness, so it seems fitting that Turmeric is unmistakably yellow in its façade. But what is it about Turmeric that has captured the healthy lifestyle’s imagination? As with chai itself, turmeric has a deep...

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